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25 May 2017

Fire in Russia

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Type of Event:Fires
Location of Event:Russian Federation
Date of Charter Activation:25 May 2017
Time of Charter Activation:08:53:00
Time zone of Charter Activation:UTC+03:00
Charter Requestor:EMERCOM of Russia
Activation ID:531
Project Management:ROSCOSMOS

Following dry conditions and strong winds, fires have broken out in the Krasnoyarsk Territory of Russia. Two people have died and almost four hundred people are affected. It is estimated that 80 houses have been destroyed so far.

The cities of Kansk and Lesosibirsk have been particularly affected and a state of emergency is in place for the area.

Early assessments suggest the fire began at timber facilities in Lesosibirsk and the wind caused it to spread out into the surrounding area.

Emergency response workers are making efforts to contain and halt the fire.



Fire monitoring in Krasnoyarski Kray, Krasnojarsk

Source: RapidEye
Acquired: RapidEye: 26/05/2017
SPOT-6: 29/05/2017

Copyright: RapidEye © Planet (2017) - All rights reserved
SPOT-6 © CNES 2017 - Distribution: Airbus Defence and Space, all rights reserved
Map produced by NTsOMZ

Fire monitoring in Irkutsk Region, Kirensk District

Source: Resurs-P
Acquired: Pre-disaster: 14/07/2014
Post-disaster: 03/05/2017

Copyright: Resurs-P © ROSCOSMOS (2017) - All rights reserved
Map produced by NTsOMZ

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