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05 April 2019

Fire in South Korea

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Type of Event:fire
Location of Event:South Korea
Date of Charter Activation:2019-04-05
Time of Charter Activation:09:49
Time zone of Charter Activation:UTC+09:00
Charter Requestor:National Disaster Management Institute (NDMI)
Activation ID:602
Project Management:Korea Aerospace Research Institute (KARI)

Wildfires broke out in South Korea's eastern Gangwon Province on the evening of 4 April. The fire has spread to the cities of Sokcho and Gangneung killing at least 2 people and displacing over 4000.

The cause of the fire is reported to be a malfunctioning transformer in a resort town of Goseong, 130 miles northeast of Seoul. Strong winds fanned the fire as it spread through 500 hectares of forest. The fires have also claimed around 200 homes and other buildings.

872 fire trucks and over 3000 firefighters from all over South Korea are currently working to contain the wildfire the National Fire Agency said. Strong winds and nightfall hampered intitial containment of the fire.

The Ministry of the Interior and Safety said funds have already been released to provide assistance in containing the fires and cleaning up debris, alongside disaster relief funds for temporary accomodation and daily necessities for evacuees.



Analysis of burned area in Sokcho, South Korea

Source: Pleiades
Acquired: 07/04/2019

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Map produced by National Disaster Management Research Institute

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