The International Charter Space and Major Disasters

Providing satellite data to those affected by natural or man-made disasters through registered organisations, for use in monitoring and response activities. Read more

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16 октября 2020

Flood in Vietnam

12 октября 2020

Flood in Togo

28 сентября 2020

Fire in Argentina

21 сентября 2020

Flood in Niger

15 сентября 2020

Fire in Bolivia

07 сентября 2020

Flood in Sudan

04 сентября 2020

Typhoon Haishen in Japan

31 августа 2020

Typhoon Maysak in South Korea
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20 августа 2020

Fire monitoring through the Charter

Свернуть 20th Anniversary of the Charter

October 20, 2020, will mark the 20th anniversary of the International Charter Space and Major Disasters. To commemorate this milestone we are publishing monthly features looking back on the history and some of the achievements of the Charter during the past 20 years.

We are also releasing special productions for the anniversary, such as a calendar for the year that showcases a selection of imagery acquired by Charter member satellites.

Visit the anniversary page to find out more.

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The International Charter is composed of space agencies and space system operators from around the world who work together to provide satellite imagery for disaster monitoring purposes. Find out more about the satellites the Charter members provide, and learn more about each member agency or organisation on their websites:

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Свернуть Charter Partners

The Charter is supported by partners from around the world who contribute to our efforts or share similar goals.

  • Some organisations provide disaster monitoring services for specific regions of the world, and work with the Charter to further the distribution of data to the end users
  • Data providers contribute additional satellite data for use in monitoring disasters
  • Value added providers produce maps based on the satellite data for use in interpreting and assessing disaster situations.
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