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15 septiembre 2020

Fire in Bolivia

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Tipo de Evento:Fire
Ubicación del Evento:Bolivia, Plurinational State
Fecha de Activación de la Carta:2020-09-15
Time of Charter Activation:15:12
Time zone of Charter Activation:UTC-04:00
Solicitante de la Carta:SINAGER-SAT
Activation ID:676
Gestión de Proyecto:ABE

Bolivian wildfires have destroyed over 23,500 square kilometres of wetlands, forest and grassland. 

This equates to almost a 12% loss of the Pantanal area. The Pantanal sits at the southern edge of the Amazon rainforest, stretching from Brazil into Bolivia and Paraguay. Almost half of the areas lost to fires are protected areas, known for high biodiversity.

Scientists at the College of Biologists in La Paz estimate that regeneration of the local ecosystem could take around 300 years.



Fires in Velascvo Y Angel, Sandvodal, Santa Cruz, Bolivia

Fuente: Sentinel-2
Adquirido: 24/09/2020

Copyright: Contains modified Copernicus Sentinel data (2020)
Map produced by SINAGER

Affected areas, where fires persist and spread.Bolivia

Fuente: CBERS-4A
Adquirido: CBERS-4A: 12/09/2020

Copyright: copyright (2020) INPE
Map produced by Defensa Civil Bolivia

Condition of severely burned areas before fires

Fuente: CBERS-4
Adquirido: CBERS-4: 18/05/2020

Copyright: copyright (2020) INPE
Map produced by Denfensa Civil Bolivia

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