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02 March 2020

Oil spill in United Arab Emirates

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Type of Event:Oil Spill
Location of Event:United Arab Emirates
Date of Charter Activation:2020-03-02
Time of Charter Activation:04:48
Time zone of Charter Activation:UTC-08:00
Charter Requestor:NCEMA
Activation ID:645
Project Management:MBRSC

An oil spill has reached the shores of Fujairah, United Arab Emirates with around 1.5 km of coastline being affected.

The cause of the oil spill is currently unknown. The full extent of the oil spill and its potential impact is being assessed.

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Areas potentially affected by oil spill, United Arab Emirates

Source: Sentinel-2
Acquired: 02/03/2020

Copyright: Sentinel-2 © Contains modified Copernicus Sentinel data (2020)
Map produced by NOAA/NESDIS

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